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Dane Dormio

Published July 31, 2018 in Energy , Holistic Health , Mindset - 0 Comments
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My guest today is Dane Dormio. Dane is an organizational and productivity coach who specializes in helping ambitious professionals increase their productivity and happiness while decreasing their stress by getting their lives and businesses organized so they can focus on their dreams, and spend their days being effective, efficient, and productive rather than just busy.

 He is also passionate about teaching internal martial arts and mind-body mastery skills to adults and kids, especially those in under-served populations, and is currently living in Nepal while teaching tai chi and self-defense to at-risk youth.

 His approach to personal organization and productivity stems from a set of principles he has discovered called the Universal Theory of Information, a radically mind-expanding view on how humans manage information and action. 

 We discuss the following topics:

  • Universal Theory of Information Internal martial arts
  • The importance of systems for side hustlers 
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs about being organized

 You can connect with Dane on his Facebook page:

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